Fruit Cake/Tart

2 04 2010

Ingredients for crust:

1 cup walnuts

1/2 hazelnuts

1 cup almonds

1 cup dates

pinch seasalt

Ingredients for filling:

2 cups cashews

1 large pineapple

1 cup dates


1 banana

1 kiwi

1 handful of berries


Soak all nuts overnight. Then rinse and drain. Soak dates for 20-30 minutes and keep the soaking water. Process all crust ingredients to a chocolate bar consistency (if you squeeze it, it should stay in place, but it should also come apart easily). Mold the crust into a cake/tart pan with your hands and let chill.

Rinse and drain the overnight soaked cashews and process together with the dates to a paste consistency. Peel and cut the pineapple, process it and then take it through a sieve to drain the juice. Process the cashews and pineapple pulp and gradually add the pineapple juice to the food processor. Do not add all the juice. Spread the filling over the crust. Decorate with slices of banana and kiwi, the berries and pour over them a bit of the pineapple juice. Serve chilled.




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